Get Islamic Children's Books in Libraries Across the World!

Kisa Kids has been gifting books to local libraries across the United States for the past year with the goal of making Islamic children's literature more accessible and affordable to Muslim families, as well as increasing positive Muslim representation in public spaces.

With the tawfīq of Allah, Kisa Kids has almost reached its goal! We have gifted 5,776 books which are now available in 265 libraries in the US, Canada, and Ireland!

Now we need your help! Help us reach our goal of gifting 10,000 books across the world! Our plans are to continue reaching libraries in the US and expand into Canada, the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and more, but we need your support.

Here's how you can help: 
Step 1: Request your library! We will contact you with information about how to help with adding Kisa Kids books to the library. Email

Step 2: Help us cover the costs ($6 a book!) of gifting these books to libraries and reap the rewards of educating others for years to come!

Help us cover the costs of these books going to libraries and reap the rewards of educating others for years to come!
It is part of the Kisa mission to nurture the hearts and minds of children and to facilitate easy access to Islamic material and literature to Muslims and non-Muslims. The goal is that once libraries have Islamic books on their shelves, it will give children from various backgrounds access to Islamic information, and it will allow Muslim children with limited resources to enjoy Islamic stories.

Jazākallāh khayr for your support!